How can I find out how to use the disc correctly? Is the disc coming with the manual?
Yes, of course together with each disc, you will receive the manual where you can find out all the instructions necessary. If you require more informations, please have a look on USER GUIDE on this website, or you can always contact us by email or call 689 578 809.

Is there a guarantee to return the CosmoCure disc if it does not meet my expectations?
Yes, this policy is defined in the “Terms and conditions” clause (the bottom of the ORDER page).
In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, after experimenting for up to 30 days, a refund is allowed. The return of item is at the expense of the customer. Any damged product will neither be exchanged nor refunded.

Can several people use the same disc?
Yes, no problem! The disc does not load or discharge itself with any energy from other users.

Can I use the disc on animals?
Yes, several users have reported having done it successfully!

Can I use disc on water or on plants ?
Yes, you can put the disc for min. 30 minutes under a glass of water or a potted plant. You can then drink the water or water your plants with it. Positive results were demonstrated by tests on two adjacent plots planted with same plants and vegetables: one watered with non-energized water and the other with energized water.

Can we use multiple discs simultaneously?
Yes! For example, you can use two discs at the same time, a disc under each foot for 10 minutes to improve blood circulation in feet and legs, or use them on two chakras. However, there is no need to apply two superimposed discs because one disc is powerful enough to bring any sufficient energy.

Can we experiment with the disc?
Of course! Every human being has a body that is specific, with different levels of sensitivity to energy.  Dr. Tomic and his team have developed a protocol, as a baseline from which you can reduce if you feel discomfort, or increase, within reason, the usage time, depending on your body reactions.

Dr. Tomic, an obstetrician gynecologist, at first studied the capability of the disc for different pathologies. Then he expanded his field of investigation and has actually greatly enriched his knowledge of the possibilities of the disc, especially through extensive information received from CosmoCure users who communicated the results of their experiments.

How to apply the disc?
Although most people prefer to apply the side of the disc with the rings, the two sides are equally effective because the disc is reversible.

 You can apply the disc directly on the skin or through clothing, even synthetic fibers but excluding leather since it’s reported to be blocking energy.

How to clean the disc?
The rings of copper-based alloy are isolated in the plastic disc. The disc can therefore be cleaned as any plastic, with soap and water, avoiding abrasive products.

Is the disc still fully functioning if its scratched or chipped?
Yes, if the disc get scratched or chipped, this does not affect the disc function. The disc is still efficient. 

How long is the disc active?
The disc has no expiry date.

Can the disc be used with other alternative medicine devices?
Yes, by emitting no radiation and no magnetism, the disc does not interfere with other devices. However, if we want to identify the specific effects of the disc, it is preferable but not necessary to temporarily suspend the use of other alternative medicine devices.

Do we need to use CosmoCure in daylight or sunlight for the disc to be active?
No! The polarization disc functions as an antenna which captures the natural energy around us whether we use it in the dark or in the light.

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